Roey Hayon: “The US is a Prime Market for Investing in 2020”

As investors are scrambling for new investment paths, leading experts are saying that the U.S is still the most influential and powerful economy on the planet and the best place to invest.

The world’s largest economy, the U.S, is a “prime market” for investors according to Roey Hayon, an international investment expert. “The new trade deal with China makes it clear that the American economy is the most dominant one”, said Hayon.

It seems that the US has the ability to impose its will on other nations, and make new arrangements and deals, now that the Trump administration is in charge. “The US economy keeps growing and is at a record high under President Trump”, said Hayon. “The US is still the best place for investors to be at. especially with the extremely low-interest rates”.

As evidence of these claims, we can see that the trade disputes between China and the United States have mainly affected China, as the American economy kept growing and getting stronger, while the Chinese economy slowed down.